Understanding Performance

While psychology is the study of mental processes and behavior, psycho-educational testing and evaluations refer to the psychological tests and evaluations used to understand the mental processes underlying your child's educational performance. Educational evaluations are sometimes requested by parents who want to better understand their child, or they may be required for school admission

Educational Evaluation

You may have noticed that your child is struggling with assignments and you suspect a learning disability. Or perhaps you know your child is hyperactive and you want more insight into how to help him or her be most productive in a traditional classroom setting. Still yet, you may be in the application process of a highly competitive institution where evaluations are required.

Whatever the case may be, educational evaluations can support your understanding of your student by painting a full picture of his/her strengths, weaknesses and needs.

 an evaluation may be helpful when:

  • You want to understand how a child learns best
  • You want to know if a child has a learning disability
  • You are concerned about whether a school can meet a child's educational and/or socio-emotional needs
  • You wonder why your child has trouble making and maintaining friendships
  • You suspect Autism or Asperger's Syndrome

An Evaluation will cover:

  • Background Information - to get a sense of the child's history, past struggles and successes as well as overall strengths and weaknesses, 
  • Cognitive Functioning - the child's potential for learning and how the child processes information
  • Processing Measures - supplements cognitive testing to determine how the child makes sense of information
  • Academic Functioning - measures the child's current academic achievement and what the child has learned so far
  • Social-Emotional Functioning - beyond academic strengths and weaknesses, this helps identify social and personal strengths and weaknesses that may not come out in a classroom setting

Educational evaluations typically require multiple days to complete due to the large amount of information that is collected and analyzed. 

***a preliminary interview will be used to determine if this service is appropriate for your needs.

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