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At some point in life, everyone feels "the blues" or needs a little help getting over the hump. If that's where you've found yourself, enlist the support of a licensed professional to get the help you need in order to move forward. Whether you feel like you're in a rut, you've been diagnosed with depression, or you're simply struggling to make decisions, psychotherapy may be able to help you move forward.

Individual Psychotherapy 

Psychotherapy refers to a range of treatments that can help with emotional challenges, mental health problems, and some psychiatric disorders.  It strives to enable clients to understand their feelings as well as what makes them feel positive, anxious or depressed.

Clients typically seek psychotherapy when problems persist, intensify or affect day to day functioning. However, psychotherapy isn't only available to people who have reached their breaking point or hit "rock bottom' - enlisting the help of a qualified psychotherapist can help prevent such dire scenarios.

While many people have cultural, religious or even financial objections to talking with a mental health professional, working with a psychotherapy can lead to  mental freedom and ability to manage one's emotions and cope with stress. These results are priceless.

The positive outcomes of psychotherapy are endless, but our hope is to teach you how to cope and thrive.

Benefits of psychotherapy:

  • Reduced stress 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Increased ability to "cope" and manage anxiety
  • Increased ability to manage disappointments and conflict
  • More confidence
  • Mental clarity
  • Peace

Working as your psychotherapist, I will assist with problem solving, strategic planning, and goal setting. Regular therapy sessions last 50 minutes and are conducted on a weekly or biweekly basis.  

Individual psychotherapy is a powerful option for individuals who want to make significant headway on a range of issues over a sustained period of time. 

***a preliminary interview will be used to determine if we are a good match and this service is appropriate for your needs.

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