Find Your Way Again

It happens. You hit a lull and can't seem to recover. What started out as a "rut" has turned into a way of life. Maybe you’ve been laid off, you're suddenly an empty nester, or you simply feel you've lost that thing that makes you feel like “you”. A loss of esteem can be expected when you move, retire, grow older, or leave a world you’ve always known behind. Whether you are depressed or struggling to adjust to prolonged retirement, a transition from one life phase to another, we can help you find your way again.


Intensive Therapy Sessions

Our intense half day therapy session for business owners and others short on time is revolutionizing the industry. The session includes psychological consulting and coaching, guidance, tips for stress management, and a gameplay for success.


Individual Psychotherapy

We provide individual psychotherapy for both adolescents and adults to address an array of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, situational stressors, performance anxiety, and stress management.


 Life Coaching for Adults

We provide action-oriented psychological consulting and life coaching for adults. We are here to assist you through difficult times, career challenges, and general life changes. We help you adjust to transitions, and help you manage your stress.