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Mind Matters with Dr. Michele to air on wADL

DML founder Dr. Michele Leno hosts her new show, Mind Matters with Dr. Michele, airing Saturdays at 11 am on WADL in Detroit.

Manage Your Stressors - An Interview with Dr. Gabby and Dr. Michele Leno
Women in Wellness with Dr. Gabby

DML founder Dr. Michele Leno was a guest on Women in Wellness TV with Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci or "Dr. Gabby" as she is affectionately known.

As the founder of Women in Wellness Career Training, Dr. Gabby empowers women of all ages to go beyond their limitations and achieve their dreams - reminding them to live their own kind of beautiful life.

Stress is a part of everyday life. Enjoy this conversation on how to manage and reduce the stressors in your life!

An Interview with Dr. Michele Leno
Native Detroiter Magazine 

Dr. Leno was pleased to be featured in Native Detroit Magazine as a Detroit Woman to Watch! READ MORE

Dr. Michele Leno on WXYZ in Detroit

Physical fitness generally grabs the top spot when it comes to ways we want to improve, but why should our mental health rank just as high? With the new year upon us, Dr. Michele Leno discusses ways to make our mental health a priority during this time of resolutions.


An interview About Avoiding Judgments on Social Media with Verily Magazine, December 2016

Dr. Michele Leno answers the age-old question: What to do when your friend posts something annoying on Facebook? READ MORE

Culture Trip asked Dr. Michele Leno about the latest Netflix hit, 13 Reasons Why, April 2017

“Witnessing a teen commit suicide on television has the potential to evoke significant anxiety and depression in any child that has the capacity to understand what is occurring. While some children may experience only brief distress, others will have a longer recovery. It is not wise to shelter children, but we must be careful not to overexpose. A psychologically stable child is not likely to become suicidal after witnessing the act. However, a child that has already contemplated suicide may feel more hopeless, which often precedes suicide. Regardless of the child’s mental health, discussion and/or debriefing may be necessary.”

Dr. Michele Leno, licensed psychologist


Dr. Leno on NBC Better, July 2017

NBC Better, July 2017.png

Dr. Leno talks about experiencing opposing emotions with NBC Better.

"Research has shown that experiencing a positive and negative emotion about a specific situation could potentially help us cope with difficult matters," she explains. "We almost inevitably and effortlessly become emotionally invested when we hear about someone achieving something that directly correlates with our own goals. While commonly viewed as selfish, it is absolutely fine to feel happy about someone's success while feeling sad about your own personal struggle."


Dr. Leno in the National Psychologist, October 2017

What would you be doing right now if social media did not exist? There are still some that have not succumbed to the dynamic world of relationship building, sharing, following, messaging, promoting, etc. via social media. But a majority of people (81%!) have at least one social media account.  In fact many people have come to prefer this method of interacting over traditional, in person, face-to-face socializing. As a psychologist and social media user, I question the overwhelming fascination with social media. Some of us remember life before social media, though the recollection may be murky at best.

Dr. Michele Leno, licensed psychologist


POPSUGAR, October 2017.png

Dr. Leno in POPSUGAR, October 2017

Dr. Leno talks about projecting insecurities onto your partner and how it sabotages your new relationship with POPSUGAR.

Dr. Michele Leno, licensed psychologist and founder of DML Psychological Services, points out that insecurities are often the root of self-sabotage, which is why a ‘clean slate’ in the form of a brand-new relationship won't necessarily break your self-sabotaging patterns. ‘Women tend to carry over resentments or fears from previous relationships into new relationships,’ she says. ‘Although the intent is to start fresh, it's common to use a past, troublesome relationship as a frame of reference. Insecurities are generally at the root of a woman's self sabotage, but if she becomes aware of her sabotaging ways, there's hope.’“


Dr. Leno in Everyday Health, February 2018

Dr. Leno talks about cognitive dissonance with Everyday Health!

Psychologists call the cognitive dissonance we experience in decision-making the “free-choice paradigm.” When it comes to making decisions, usually we’re not presented with one perfect option, which means we have to weigh one imperfect option against another imperfect option (there are pluses and minuses to both), which creates dissonance. You experience that internal conflict as your brain tries to balance those two (or more) choices, Dr. Leno says.



Dr. Leno in INSIDER, July 2018

Dr. Leno talks about making relationships work if they started with cheating with INSIDER:

"Difficulty establishing trust in a relationship that began with cheating is inevitable," Dr. Michele Leno, PhD, LP, the founder of DML Psychological Services, told INSIDER. "While the relationship is not automatically doomed, it will require a great deal of patience and reassurance to work."


Dr. Leno on 2Questions.TV, July 2018

Dr. Michele Leno was a guest on an episode of 2Questions.TV hosted by Susan Baroncini-Moe. The show is centered around various topics but only 2 questions are asked to the guests on each episode.

Dr. Leno talked about fear and potential, as well as social media and its effects on our mental health.

Enjoy the episode!


Dr. Leno in Bustle, August 2018

Dr. Leno talks about personality changes and what signs to look out for with Bustle.

"It's vital to know the difference between a change in behavior, and a major personality shift. 'Although a person's behavior may change under different circumstances, personality is fairly stable and not easily altered,' Dr. Michele Leno, DML Psychological Services, PLLC, tells Bustle. 'A major shift in personality could represent underlying pathology.' So if you, or the people around you, are noticing a major shift, it's likely worth noting."


Culture Trip.png

Dr. Leno in culture trip, November 2018

Dr. Leno talks about Kanye West’s controversial comments and how they might be the signs of an emotional problem.

“The telltale signs of an emotional problem include extreme grandiosity, impassion accompanied by agitation, lack of sleep that raises concern for friends and family, appearance of not being in contact with reality, and irrational, erratic behavior,” Michigan-based psychologist Dr. Michele Leno told Culture Trip.


Dr. Leno in UpJourney, December 2018


Dr. Leno talks about how to stop being insecure with yourself and to embrace who you are as a person.

“Insecurities are very personal and deeply rooted, and eliminating them requires a great deal of self-awareness. In other words, while people and circumstances may trigger our self-consciousness, we are ultimately responsible for housing and reinforcing our insecurities,” Dr. Leno says.


Dr. Leno on Ignite to impact with dr. geneva Williams


Dr. Michele Leno was a guest on an episode of the Ignite 2 Impact podcast with Dr, Geneva Williams.

Dr. Leno talks about recognizing and avoiding the triggers that make people stressed, angry or depressed, as well as how to manage the negative emotions that sometimes flare without warning.


Insider, June 2019.png

Dr. Leno in INSIDER, June 2019

Dr. Leno talks about “angel of death” killers and how they differ from traditional serial killers with INSIDER:

"Generally, serial killers are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder," psychologist Dr. Michele Leno told INSIDER. "Angels of death, however, do not always possess antisocial intent. They may believe that their actions eliminate misery and serve the greater good."


Men's Journal.png

Dr. Leno in Men’s Journal

Dr. Leno talks about dopamine and how it affects your motivation to working out in Men’s Journal.

“Given its headline-grabbing role in the science of addiction. and love, dopamine has a sexier reputation than most brain chemicals. ‘Dopamine may be the most popular neurotransmitter due to its role in motivation, and, of course, happiness,’ says Dr. Michele Leno, a licensed psychologist and the founder of DML Psychological Services. ‘You release dopamine when you engage in pleasurable activities.’”


Bustle, June 2019.png

Dr. Leno On Bustle, June 2019

Dr. Leno talks about assumptions in relationships you shouldn’t make and how you should talk about it with your partner in Bustle.

“Even if your relationship is going really well, and even if you've been together for a while, it's still not a great idea to assume you'll take that next step and get married.

After all, ‘the decision to marry is very personal,’ Dr. Michele Leno, a licensed psychologist and owner of DML Psychological Services, PLLC, tells Bustle. ‘Therefore, a discussion that includes concrete answers is warranted.’“


Thrive Global, July 2019.png

Dr. Leno on Thrive Global, July 2019

Dr. Leno talks about the psychology of your future self and the process of becoming with Thrive Global.

“Although a person’s behaviour may change under different circumstances, personality is fairly stable and not easily altered,” says Dr Michele Leno, DML Psychological Services, PLLC.


Bustle, July 2019.png

Dr. Leno on Bustle, July 2019

Dr. Leno talks about signs of gaslighting that can seem like innocent behaviors with Bustle.

“Michigan based psychologist Dr. Michele Leno, founder of DML Psychological Services, tells Bustle that your partner might be gaslighting you if they often tell you bad things people say about you, and then accuse you of being insecure when you question what they are saying.

‘Does your partner regularly tell you the negative things that others are saying about you? Partners may use this tactic to 'encourage' you to doubt yourself and change for them,’ Leno says. You then might go through the process of trying to prove how secure you are, or even go so far as to change yourself in regards to what they are saying.”


Dr. Leno on Byrdie, October 2019

Dr. Leno talks about navigating an open relationship with Byrdie.

“Open relationships are not for everyone despite their (seemingly) growing popularity,” says clinical psychologist, Michele Leno, PhD. If you think an open relationship might be right for you, Leno advises you consider how this type of relationship will benefit you: “Are you simply doing this to accommodate your partner?” Either way, be honest with yourself, as transparency will be crucial to keeping the relationship safe for all parties involved.


Dr. Michele Leno is available for media interviews to discuss psychological concerns, mental health and stress. Dr. Leno is based in the metropolitan Detroit area, but can travel for media. For media inquiries, contact