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Your Turn with Cliff Woodards | Mondays 7pm - 9pm EST on Superstation 910 AM In Detroit

Each Monday night, Michele co-hosts Your Turn With Cliff Woodards on Superstation 910 AMEach week, the show will delve deeply into various issues regarding interpersonal communication between the sexes. 

Weekly guests include authors, bloggers, psychologists and other learned people in the field who can provide insight, guidance and advice if needed. Additionally, we will occasionally invite some of you, yes men and women out there in the wild, living this experience we call dating to get a fresh, up-to-date perspective.

Call in at (313) 209-9000, inbox Cliff during the show or send Michele a tweet at @DrMicheleLeno to join the conversation.

Manage Your Stressors - An Interview with Dr. Gabby and Dr. Michele Leno
Women in Wellness with Dr. Gabby

DML founder Dr. Michele Leno was a guest on Women in Wellness TV with Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci or "Dr. Gabby" as she is affectionately known.

As the founder of Women in Wellness Career Training, Dr. Gabby empowers women of all ages to go beyond their limitations and achieve their dreams - reminding them to live their own kind of beautiful life.

Stress is a part of everyday life. Enjoy this conversation on how to manage and reduce the stressors in your life!

An Interview with Dr. Michele Leno
Native Detroiter Magazine 

Dr. Leno was pleased to be featured in Native Detroit Magazine as a Detroit Woman to Watch! READ MORE

Dr. Michele Leno on WXYZ in Detroit

Physical fitness generally grabs the top spot when it comes to ways we want to improve, but why should our mental health rank just as high? With the new year upon us, Dr. Michele Leno discusses ways to make our mental health a priority during this time of resolutions.


An interview About Avoiding Judgments on Social Media with Verily Magazine, December 2016

Dr. Michele Leno answers the age-old question: What to do when your friend posts something annoying on Facebook? READ MORE

Culture Trip asked Dr. Michele Leno about the latest Netflix hit, 13 Reasons Why, April 2017

“Witnessing a teen commit suicide on television has the potential to evoke significant anxiety and depression in any child that has the capacity to understand what is occurring. While some children may experience only brief distress, others will have a longer recovery. It is not wise to shelter children, but we must be careful not to overexpose. A psychologically stable child is not likely to become suicidal after witnessing the act. However, a child that has already contemplated suicide may feel more hopeless, which often precedes suicide. Regardless of the child’s mental health, discussion and/or debriefing may be necessary.”

Dr. Michele Leno, licensed psychologist


Dr. Leno in the National Psychologist, October 2017

What would you be doing right now if social media did not exist? There are still some that have not succumbed to the dynamic world of relationship building, sharing, following, messaging, promoting, etc. via social media. But a majority of people (81%!) have at least one social media account.  In fact many people have come to prefer this method of interacting over traditional, in person, face-to-face socializing. As a psychologist and social media user, I question the overwhelming fascination with social media. Some of us remember life before social media, though the recollection may be murky at best.

Dr. Michele Leno, licensed psychologist


Dr. Michele Leno is available for media interviews to discuss psychological concerns, mental health and stress. Dr. Leno is based in the metropolitan Detroit area, but can travel for media. For media inquiries, contact