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Is it time to UPLEVEL your life?

You're not depressed, or struggling emotionally, but still you crave the structure and support of a professional. Someone who can help you create a game plan for success and will hold you accountable to the plan.  You're ready to MAXIMIZE your time, optimize your time and reach the goals and milestones that will give your life meaning. 

Life Coaching

Amid all of the responsibilities of life, it can be difficult to maintain a clear sense of one's goals. The big picture of your life - where you see yourself in one year, 5 years or even ten years - can easily become lost in the daily minutiae. When you feel like you lack direction, life coaching can be a powerful to get back on course and right your life compass. But it's not just about goals - life coaching can help you maximize each area of your life and help you become more effective in your relationships, your career and personal pursuits.

According to a study conducted by the International Coaching Federation, 81% of coaching clients reported improved self-confidence, 73% reported improved relationships, 72% reported improved communication skills and a whopping 67% reported better work/life balance after working with a coach. In a professional sense, 70% of coaching clients in that same study reported improved work performance, 61% reported improved business management and 57% reported improved time management. 

Life coaching has grown over the years, and for good reason. Studies show that individuals who have a coach move faster, ascend higher and lead more positive and productive lives. 

How is life coaching different from psychotherapy?

While psychotherapy helps you to heal the wounds of the past, life coaching is meant to help you move forward. During coaching session, you'll learn how to  set and achieve your goals so that you can move your life forward. While there may be an overlap in need, life coaching is not meant to address mental health or emotional issues. Instead it is meant to help you maximize your skills and create a plan for achievement in some specific area of your personal or professional life. significant headway on a specific issue in a shorter amount of time. 

Leaders typically employ a coach who can serve as a sounding board, motivator and co-problem solver when needed. Most people who are succeeding at high levels are not doing it alone; they have a coach or mentor who is supporting them as they climb. What are you waiting for? 

***a preliminary interview will be used to determine if we are a good coach/client fit and if this service is appropriate for your goals and needs.

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